Cash prize HK$5,000
and HK$5,000 book voucher
First Runner-up
Cash prize HK$3,500
and HK$3,500 book voucher
Second Runner-up
Cash prize HK$2,000
and HK$2,000 book voucher
“Tales of the Ocean” Special Award
(3 Places)
Cash prize HK$1,500 and HK$1,500 book voucher
(15 Places)
HK$500 book voucher
The top 18 entrants
(18 Places)
will be invited to join an arts and cultural exchange tour. Those eligible may also apply for scholarships with The Wharf Group for pursuing their studies in art.
The top 54 entrants and Special Award recipients
(54 Places)
will be invited to join an exclusive eco-art visit organised by WWF-Hong Kong, and will each receive a certificate of achievement.
Nominator Award
(3 Places)
Nominators (have to be school art teacher or art studio teacher) of the Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up will each receive a shopping voucher
School with the Most Number of Entries
(3 Places)
Total number of entries from both Painting and Digital Graphics Categories will be considered. The winning schools will each receive a trophy.